USA Volleyball (USAV) is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of volleyball in the United States and is recognized as such by the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The vision of USA Volleyball is to be acknowledged as the world leader in volleyball. The website for USA Volleyball is

The Ohio Valley Region (OVR) is one of the largest regions in the United States with over 1500 teams and 16,000 members.  The OVR hosts a wide variety of tournaments, clinics, camps, and other events to help develop the players and coaches in the region.  The website for the OVR is

Junior Olympic (JO) volleyball has grown tremendously over the past 30 years, especially in the OVR where there are thousands of athletes registered.  The following age groups are available for athletes who want to play JO: 18’s, 17’s, 16’s, 15’s, 14’s, 13’s, 12’s, & 10’s.

Juniors’ teams competing in 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 and Under age divisions are registered as either National, American, or Regional.  There is no distinction for 10s and 12s.  A National level team is comprised of athletes who will compete at a higher level of play than a Regional level team. To see a list of specific age definitions for the upcoming season, please refer to page 5 of this handbook.

Purpose of Team Atlantis

There is a reason for the name “Team Atlantis”. At Team Atlantis, we are a TEAM. Our coaches will do their best to teach the concepts of sportsmanship, ethics, and the responsibilities of being part of a team. Each team should take great pride in being a part of Team Atlantis, and support other Team Atlantis teams.

Team Atlantis’s primary purpose is to take care of our area athletes and high school programs. It is our opinion that each athlete comes into club volleyball with different needs. Team Atlantis offers a variety of choices for the athletes.

We have different levels of teams for the athletes to try out for. We have “Regional” level teams for all age levels. At the Regional level, coaches concentrate on developing basic individual and team skills for the player. Regional teams generally travel less, and pay less money to participate.

Our “National” division teams have a different set of goals. The coaches do concentrate on polishing the individual and team skills. Our National teams also concentrate on learning advanced systems in offense, defense, and serve reception. These teams will travel greater distances, play in 2 or 3 -day tournaments, and pay a little more money. Many of our National teams try to qualify for Nationals.

Our “American” division teams are a level between Regional and National. The goals are primarily the same.  The schedule will be between Regional and National.

Our History

Team Atlantis Volleyball Club was started in 1997.

From 2001 through 2013, Team Atlantis has seen 39 teams earn a birth to the Junior Olympic Girls National Championships

In 2012, one team from Team Atlantis qualified for Nationals!

In 2011, two teams from Team Atlantis qualified for Nationals!

In 2010, four teams from Team Atlantis qualified for Nationals!

In 2009, three teams from Team Atlantis qualified for Nationals!

In 2008, four teams from Team Atlantis qualified for Nationals!

In 2007, four teams from Team Atlantis qualified for Nationals!

In 2006, three teams from Team Atlantis qualified for Nationals.  The 17 Rebels qualified in the Open Division, the highest level of competition at Nationals which includes the top 28 teams in the nation.  The other 2 teams to qualify were the 16 Black Sheep in the National Club Division and the 18 Elite in the American Club Division.

In 2005, Team Atlantis sent a record 5 teams to Nationals!  The 15 Black Sheep and 18 Elite Black were the first teams in Team Atlantis history to qualify for the Open Division at Nationals. The other three teams to qualify were: 15 Green Beans, 16 Elite Dynamites, 17 Elite.

In 2004 Team Atlantis qualified four teams for the Junior Olympic Girls National Championships for the second consecutive season.  These teams were the 14 Elite, 15 Elite, 16 Elite, and 17 Elite.  2004’s results were featured by 14 Elite winning the National Championship in club American.

In 2003 Team Atlantis Qualified multiple teams for the first time in club history!  Team Atlantis was represented by the 13 Elite, 15 Elite, 16 Elite, and 18 Elite teams!

In 2002, Team Atlantis’s 16 open team, qualified for Nationals, finishing 9th out of 64 teams in the club division.

In 2001, Team Atlantis sent its first team to the Junior Olympic National Tournament in Salt Lake City.  The 14 Open Gators finished 11th out of 64 teams!

The club’s success at the National level is well documented.  We have teams competing in age groups ranging from 10’s to 18’s, competing at every level.  We have enjoyed a great amount of success with all of our teams in the past.  We take great pride in being able to provide each player an opportunity to improve their volleyball skills, as well as, get to know other kids from other parts of the state. Our success has been due to two things; the quality coaching staff Team Atlantis consists of each year, and most importantly, the dedicated players and parents willing to sacrifice each and every day. Team Atlantis has a history of providing knowledgeable coaches ranging from varsity coaches to adult and college players, as well as, players with all-state, district, and conference honors.